Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Where is we at?

I'm sure you are aching to see what progress we have or rather haven't made.

Contrary to our nature we engaged a sensible approach and composed a synopsis. We did this to see if we could actually come up with a concept from which we could sprout further plot branches. After all, it wouldn't be good to have the offer of being taken on for eight episodes and then be left scratching our heads on where to take things next.

The idea for our sitcom came from a murder mystery play we wrote for our business Murdering The Text. No, we're not going to kill anyone off in our sitcom (not in the pilot anyway). What we took from the play was the setting and the characters. As happens in many of our plays, we had created a cast who just wouldn't shut up. Even though their story was finished, they wanted more. And like the parents we are, we didn't want to ignore their cries for attention. Behold, our sitcom was born.

We had the luxury of knowing our cast already, their quirks, their appearance, even their life histories. We could explore our setting past the one stage set we had created for the play. In fact, creating the physical world of our sitcom has been one of our favourite tasks so far.

The first draft of the pilot is virtually complete. The next task is to hide it away for a few days then return to it with a fresh eye.

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