Tuesday, 3 August 2010

How to write a Sitcom? Not.

If you are here to learn the best tips and strategies employed to write the next 'Friends', then I'm afraid we can't help you.

This blog is all about the journey - the journey from a writer's perspective of having a written pilot in front of them (which they themselves think is a potential hit) to taking it through to its natural conclusion.

The best case scenario is obviously international renown, BAFTA awards, a knighthood, winning the nobel peace prize, bronze statues being erected in the nation's capital etc. The worst case is a simple journey of experience and the script lining the floor of our guinea pig cage (Pink, Red and Rosie - ask our 6 year old why?!).

At this stage we simply have no idea what will happen. We have three quarters of a script written, with a clear path of what will happen in it.

Our next step is to decide on whether it best to approach an agent for representation, or to contact a TV company directly? Any suggestions?

May fortune favour the foolish!

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