Saturday, 21 August 2010

Divide and conquer?

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Now, Fi's last post raised some interesting questions.

Reading between the lines, the BBC is sending out a clear message saying that they don't want half baked ideas in sloppy written scripts, which I can fully sympathize with.  After all nobody likes to have their time wasted.

However, taking the literal word, it implies that your entire premise hangs on a thread.  You may have the bestest, brilliantist, fabulocistic setting and characters, but if your pilot is catching the BBC reader on an off day, then the whole lot is discarded, never to be returned to, ever.  That seems a little callous to me.

So does this mean that it's going to be better to write two or three episodes, then submit the best one?  Or is it better to write more than one unrelated pilots and hope that one of them is taken up?  Questions, questions, too many questions.

One would hope that there are allowances and that minor faults may be overlooked.  Otherwise it seems that you have to be an experienced script writer before you can become an experienced script writer.  Paradoxical, and most frustrating.

I guess we'll find out in the coming weeks.

So this leads on to the next question, one that Fiona raised so eloquently: Is our script ready?

I personally feel that it's 99% there.  There are a couple of lines of dialogue that need a little more zing, the rest of it is good to go.

We need to do something soon - I'm running out of nails to bite!
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