Tuesday, 3 August 2010

The Warmest of Welcomes

During the last few years my wife Fiona and I have dabbled with verbs, trounced on adverbs and plain out and out harassed adjectives all in the name of fun. (See what we have been up to in our other blogs.) Our meticulous misalignment of conjecture has over time congealed into various forms of the written word across several types of media. Now we find ourselves on the brink of entering what is, to us, brand new territory: the Sitcom.

Being avid fans of shows such as Black Books, Green Wing, My Family, Frasier, Father Ted, The IT Crowd (Ok - we watch too much TV!), we set ourselves the task of writing a brand new sitcom - new characters, new settings, none of which had been used in this format that we were aware of.

In addition to this, as Fiona is already an accomplished blogger and I myself have dipped my toe into that murky pool, I thought that the journey we are setting out upon a worthy subject on which to base this very blog. We welcome comments of all varieties, from people thinking of setting out on a similar path, to experienced and published authors who would laugh at our 'noob' mistakes, and everyone else in between.

At this stage we have no idea of where this journey may end. All I can say is thank you for any support you may offer and we hope you will become a part of and enjoy the trip!

Kindest regards,
Paul and Fiona


  1. So excited to have met you. I am writing a novel.

  2. Oooh. How about writing a sit-come about the Italians. That's my idea. A bit like the Dolmio adverts.

    Good luck.

  3. Kay - hmm, a spaghetti/pasta themed sitcom? A weaving, intertwining plot with a tomato-ey outcome? Baron Canelloni strikes again.


    Puppet sitcoms has potential though - CSI Seasame Street?

    Thanks for the idea. :)