Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Baked: freshly or half?

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We did it.  For better or for worse - we resurrected our pilot script.

And do you know what?  It's not three bad.  Sure there were bits that need tweaking. It certainly needs a good dollop of direction adding but overall it holds its own and is nearly ready to have its umbilical cords cut and catapulted into the ether.

At this stage we are unsure as to whether it is, given our newbie status, a good decision to seek an agent or not. The other route seems to be a more promising path: approach the big channels directly.  Either way, we have decided to concentrate on finalising the script over the next couple of days before worrying about such things.

The things that both Fiona and I are absolutely sure about include the fact that the concept is rock solid and is chock full of potential.  It has drama, likeable characters, despicable adversaries, twists, turns and a plot that can run a marathon.

More soon.

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