Friday, 6 August 2010

The chicken and its blasted egg...

The first draft is virtually put to bed so we can return to it refreshed in a week's time. On to the next exciting step in this rollercoaster, helter skelter journey? Or perhaps not.

We've come up against a rather large obstacle. I wouldn't call it a 'wall' because that would suggest that there's no way through, that we've turned down a cul de sac from which we're creeping away before the curtains begin to twitch. No, it's more of a hurdle because I know that we'll get over it if we put our brain muscle through a couple of marathons.

Here's the situation. Agent or TV company? Which of those should we send our pilot to? A little (ok, a lot) of investigation online brings the realisation that most agents aren't interested unless you've been accepted by a TV production company already or you are a seasoned comedy writing veteran. Investigating the other side of the equation, the TV production companies, brings a similar result. And yet there has to be a way in for writers starting out on this path.

A conversation with a lovely TV person Tweep points to the BBC being a good place to head next so for the time being we shall investigate that port of call.

Has anyone else come across this situation?

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