Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ding Ding...Round One

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We've done it. We have run smack bang and head long into our first milestone: Our pilot script is complete! Well, the first draft of the script. It took a couple of days formulating the synopsis and then just over a week to press the right keys in the wrong order or the wrong keys in the right order. Only time will tell.

Unfortunately, for obvious reasons, we can't share any of the details (apart from that it's got people in it, it's about stuff, and it has a few minced jokes thrown into the mixture for good measure). What we can tell you is that now we have a draft we are going to (try to) put it out of our minds for a couple of weeks with the intention of coming back to it with a fresh cynicism and critical eyes (is that the right collective term for two pairs of 'critical eye'?)

At that point, when we return to the script, we could possibly wonder what was in our blood-streams while we were writing it (I blame those herbal teas) and have to completely rewrite it. More likely (we hope) it'll only be a few plot tweaks here and there.

This cooling down period is an excellent time for us to concentrate on researching potential strategies on what to do with the final draft once we're happy with it. Don't worry - we'll be sharing all of the details and responses as they happen.

If you are going through, or have been through similiar, then please, please, please share your findings.
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