Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Hands On The Clock Go Round And Round

Amber HourglassImage by Brooks Elliott via Flickr
'Yipee!  Success!  We've been accepted!  They start filming in the new year!' are all things I'd like to be writing bolstered by the foundations of truth.  Sadly, this is only a rehearsal.

If this were a computer program you would be watching a spinning hourglass, buzzy bee, rotating circle or whatever icon set you've settled for.  

Whilst the wait is on, we've been hammering the final touches to our SciFi pilot, our second foray into the script writing world.  The trouble we're finding is trying not to put too many ideas into the first sitting.  We have so many ideas of where to take the plot it is proving a challenge to put enough in to keep it interesting but not too much to make it a jumbled mess.  We've decided to try and plant some seeds early on in the hope of hooking viewer's interest from the outset.

Once again, whilst writing this new script it spawned off even more ideas for other potential pilots!  Will this ever end?  Or will we be forever caught in the trap of writing hour long scripts that are ever read by three or four people! Noooooo!
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