Friday, 29 October 2010


That's what it feels like anyway. I'll explain.

The sci fi pilot script is finished. Hurrah! The covering letter is written. Woo hoo! Now for the series development outline...

We already had quite a large number of storylines we wanted to use as future episodes so we put them down and found that we actually had a lot to play with there. Some ideas would fill an entire episode. Others would snuggle into an episode alongside a companion storyline.

We also had a storyline that is hinted at in the pilot which we wanted to spread throughout the first series (am I being overly optimistic here talking about a 'series' when we haven't yet submitted the pilot to anyone?) and it was a good storyline, if rather vague. So we started talking it over. What could this mean? Why would this happen? What were the ramifications for the world in which our pilot is set?

Talk, talk, discuss, discuss, boom! The world and concept behind our series took off into outer space and beyond. What had started as a sizeable semi detached with a lovely view had now been extended into a castle with a moat, and wheels, and possibly an interdimensional drive, with cherries on top.

After a couple of evenings of hyperventilating over red wine, we finished the outline. It and the accompanying documents are currently sat on our dining room table. One last read through and we will send our script off into space and wait to hear of it's triumph or demise.

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