Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dead end?

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Or rather is it a cul-de-sac with a carefully hidden ginnel leading to a beautiful play park or busy high street? At this point, we're really not sure.

With one script returned 'no thankfully' by the BBC and the other still with them, we're looking for our next skirmish. We still have faith in the first script and believe that there's an audience for it. Investigation into other production companies seems to bring up the same obstacle each time - "we do not accept unsolicited scripts". In essence, you need to already be a TV scriptwriter, published novelist, successful journalist or have an agent for your script to be looked at. Investigation into agents seems to bring a similar message for the most part.
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Only two agents appear to be interested in reading TV scripts from completely new writers which begs the cynical question, 'why'? What is the difference between them and the others?

What we are lacking here is someone to talk to who can advise us on the best or at least possible avenues to take. We may have to knock on a few doors.

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