Monday, 22 November 2010

Thanks, But No Thanks

The BBC in their finite wisdom have decided that they and our first pilot script are not destined to be. We, being optimistic by nature, see this not so much as a rejection as a passer by on the street not wanting to become instant best friends. We see this not as an ending but merely as another step along the path.

We intend therefore to move onto the next viable inroad into the world of production and shall keep doing so until an accord is reached.

For those that are interested, the returned manuscript came with a letter to say that the first ten pages were reviewed and that they do not wish to continue further. At this stage they do not offer any feedback but hope that the experience doesn't stop you from submitting further material for review. Without any feedback and a belief that what we have created is of a commendable standard we can only presume that the style and/or subject matter is not what they are currently looking for.

We still have the second script with the Beeb, one can only guess if that will receive a similar response.

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